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Jimicar:Rental car in Morocco,Fes.
Welcome to JIMICAR

Specialist on cars renting

      JIMICAR has the great pleasure to offer you its services.
Car rental is the best solution for your transport worries during your holidays in Morocco, for this reason, JIMICAR, your rental car in Fez keeps awake to make sure the vehicle you are looking for at reasonable rates and an appreciated quality / price ratio.

       JIMICAR offers to you its services in all major cities, and a wide range of cars. Therefore, take advantage of your trip with JIMICAR rental car!

      We take care to maintain all vehicles in our fleet and to add others to meet the requirements of our customers.

So,Book from now a car from JIMICAR and don't miss this occasion.

Fes City :  

tourisme au maroc

      The first capital of the kingdom on 808 with Idriss II, twice more, on XIII th century under the reign of Moulay Abdallah, spiritual and cultural center of traditional Morocco : Fes is a multiple city, unique by its splendour. It is divided into two: Fes el Jedid (the new) and Fes el Bali (the antique). Fes el Bali is,also divided into two areas.
      On 818, several muslim families , dismissed from Andalusian by the christian forces, settled in the right bank of oued Fès. Seven years later, 300 families kérouanaises established in the other bank.
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