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Measurers will depend on them throughout, and particularly during retraining periods. In summary directions for field work must be as precise and clear as it is possible to get them, but they should not be based only on theoretical knowledge, but on the practical laboratory tests of the director. In large or small surveys, irrespective of whether measured subjects are arranged in established or new positions, a 'mock up' or trial situation should be created before the actual recordings from volunteers begins and all the subjects' required positions should be photographically recorded.

In some fields of work simple everyday facts about a popUlation that can be represented by an average person may be enough. A man rather than a woman; a factory worker rather than an office worker. To design for the average person, however, can lead to dangerous errors.

Throughout a large survey measurers should have re-training to maintain a necessary high standard in measuring techniques. Practical measuring The subject is lightly or partially clothed. Body parts to be marked must be free of clothing. All subjects should be measured at the same time of the day if it is possible. All measures not in the median plane should be taken from the subject's left side unless there is a specific indication for the right or both sides. Weight should be taken on a well serviced beam balance scale machine.

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