An Introduction to The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther by Archibald Henry Sayce

By Archibald Henry Sayce

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C. 514). C. C. 515-14 that Darius could have ordered the search. C. S 17, when the authority of Darius was in great measure re-established throughout his empire. Without doubt, much had been done in the work of rebuilding the temple before the interference of Tatnai, and it is possible that the work was continued in spite of it. The authority of Darius and his satrap could not as yet have been very powerful in Palestine, though the period of anarchy was now over, and relations were again established between the Jews at Jerusalem and their brethren in Baby10nia.

The conquest of Media was quickly followed by that of Persia, which appears to have THE CAREER OF CYRUS. 47 been under the government of a collateral branch of the family of Cyrus. Henceforward the king of Elam becomes also the king of Persia. C. ' The latter years of the life of Cyrus were spent in extending and consolidating his power among the wild tribes and unknown regions of the Far East. When he died, all was ready for the threatened invasion of Egypt. ' Babylon was the largest and most important city the empire contained.

54 THE AGE ND WORK OF EZRA AND NEHEMIAH. of which were no longer able to offer the same resistance to the enemy that they had done before. C. 514, and Arakha crucified, like the other pretenders who had fallen into the merciless hands of the Persian king. Darius soon afterwards completed the re-conquest of the empire of Cryus and Kambyses by the overthrow of the nomad tribe of Sakians. During all this period of confusion and civil war, Palestine could not have remained unmoved. It was not, like Egypt and Asia Minor, entirely cut off from the scene of conflict, and governed like a separate kingdom by a semi-independent satrap.

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