After Suicide (Christian Care Books) by John H. Hewett

By John H. Hewett

"For the person within the throes of responding to the....suicide of a family member, this ebook presents necessary perception into the adventure. this sort of cognitive wisdom can really alleviate soreness through being a competent consultant in the course of the process".---The Theological Educator.

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But acute grief, sudden grief, is like a fist slamming into your chest. It's unannounced, you're unprepared for the blow, and you're left battered and shaken in the aftermath. Of course, not all suicide grief is acute. The degree of surprise involved varies from case to case. You may have already broken off your relationship with the deceased before the suicide, so your grief will be lessened. " But if you never expected either death or suicide, if you were a total stranger to this death, then your grief will be the most severe of all.

When you've gotten it all out, and cried your eyes dry, depression comes with the realization that this thing really did happen, that your loved one really is dead. Others who have survived suicide, who understand what you're going through, say that Page 37 this depressed feeling will last for about six months. Every person has a different experience with depression. Some withdraw and isolate themselves, and get stuck there for months or years. They feel that suicide has ruled out any hope of something better for them.

You know where you want to go, you know how to get there, but you find yourself miles away from your destination, helplessly spinning your wheels in one place. You find yourself frozen solid in an emotion from which you can't get free. If that happens, you'll need more help than this book can offer. A trained counselor will be able to help you work through this obstacle. Remember, you're the one who sets the pace and the limits of your grief. You can shorten or lengthen it, depending on your willingness to work through it.

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