Advice to the Minister of Music: Get a Giant Hat Rack by Cheri Walters

By Cheri Walters

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Probably the most the most important alterations in North American lifestyles, Lyle E. Schaller explains, has been the shift from small to massive associations. Sixty years in the past one-teacher, one-room schoolhouses nonetheless abounded, and the common variety of scholars in all American faculties used to be 100.

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As time goes by, SHARING THE VIsIoN FoR MUsIc MrNIsTRY 57 _ . , . . 1f I still feel it s a move we ought to consider, I may bring it up m midweek service, perhaps as an area for prayer Again, I let people voice their views, or if it s not appropriate then I invite them to talk with me later Eventually the idea will come up in an official board meeting Well take as much time as we need to examine all sides, then, if appropriate, make a proposal to the congregation By that point nearly everyone has had a long time to get.

Seek help from your pastor or a trusted older colleague in ministry or a professional Christian counselor. Sometimes the stress is temporary—a particularly frantic holiday season, a financial burden; sometimes it is more fundamental—a tendency to take on other people’s problems to a debilitating degree, an overwhelming need to please everyone. But finding another qualified person to talk to can greatly ease the stress and give you some perspective on resolving the relationship(s) or learning to live with it.

In its most basic form, a woman gets two men to fight over her. There are several possible conclusions: (1) She may then choose the winner as worthy of her hand; (2) she may be attracted to the loser as the underdog who needs her; or STAYING OUT oF THE MIDDLE 43 (3) while the two are fighting, she may walk off with a third man, Regardless of the outcome, she is in control, thus, the game is ultimately a power play. Berne details many other such games and almost all of them are about power, about who’s in control.

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