Advanced Swing Trading by J.Crane.

By J.Crane.

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A company takes the decision to authorise a new float of 1 million shares while only actually issuing 750000. The balance sheet will take note of this discrepancy. A market difference exists between British and American practice with reference to number of shares outstanding and the market price of a share. For instance, British stocks trade with lower per share prices than their American counterparts. But this is not to imply that their total capitalisations are different since British companies tend to have many more shares outstanding than do the Americans.

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By doing. so he is following the most common and safe form of investing his money. The bank will in turn take the deposit and book it as a liability and pay interest on it. In order to also enter the amount as an asset it will have to find its own suitable investment. 44 A Guide to the Financial Markets Normally, it wiJI on-lend the funds to its own customer. However, it wiJI not be able to loan out the total amount it received because of reserve requirements; those funds which it must retain rather than lend, as prescribed by local banking regulations.

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