Advanced Strategic Planning, Model for Church Leaders A by Aubrey Malphurs

By Aubrey Malphurs

During this accelerated variation, relied on church management advisor presents functional recommendation for church buildings to articulate their imaginative and prescient, enforce their challenge, and align their id and path.

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This is the reason I ask for a strong commitment up front, which I will say more about at the end of this chapter. m. to noon. There are three benefits to these times. First, it breaks up an eight-hour, intensive, exhausting session into two sessions with time to rest and recuperate between. Second, these are the times of the day when people are at their best and can give their best mentally (though some struggle with the Friday evening session). Finally, not only do the team members not give up their weekends, but they also have much of their Saturdays left for families or other personal matters.

I worked with one church that believed it was a good idea to pursue planning strategically but was not ready to commit strongly to it. Thus if it had a choice between meeting for planning purposes or pursuing some ministry in the church, the latter won out every time. When I contacted them and urged them to set up a meeting, I was met with silence. Eventually they followed through, but the meeting times became so far apart that people lost their initial enthusiasm and knowledge of what we were about, and they stopped showing up.

I like to arrange the tables in a U shape, with chairs around the outside (see the diagram under storyboarding later in this chapter). Hopefully the church can provide a light breakfast, lunch, or supper, and coffee, water, and snacks between sessions. The Team Center Taking a cue from the people at Disney World, innovative companies are developing team centers where their people gather to do some of their most creative work. Team centers are resource-rich rooms where people work together, using creative thinking and planning techniques.

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