Abuse in the Jewish Community. Religious and Communal by Michael J. Salamon PhD

By Michael J. Salamon PhD

In this advisor, psychologist Michael Salamon deals definitions of abuse and describes symptoms that are meant to illustrate to mom and dad, lecturers, and faculty officers that abuse could be taking place. easy information regarding on hand tools of therapy is supplied and the original cultural stipulations within the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood that make prevention and remedy so tricky is mentioned.

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It has been reported that Mondrowitz never had a Doctoral degree, was never licensed and, in fact, had been banned from working with children in Israel by the Beit Din (religious courts) in 1986 (Winston 2010; cf. org/). Furthermore, attempts to have him extradited from Israel to the US for a trial have been thwarted despite reports that the Israeli police found child pornography on his personal computer (Jeffay 2010). Mondrowitz fit the appearance of a pious man, dressed in Chasidic garb. Proclaiming himself as a religious professional he fits a certain mold that is acceptable to his community, that of the frum person.

Emotional abuse, often referred to as psychological abuse or verbal abuse, consists of a pattern of behavior that negatively impacts a child or adult’s sense of self-worth or basic emotional development and needs. Yelling, excessive or explosive anger, cursing, insults, sarcasm, constant criticism, dismissing or threatening to abandon, withholding simple support, love or guidance; even threats that are extreme or constantly repeated fall into this category. Also included in this category is silence, giving the silent treatment and social isolation from other family members and friends (Mills 2008).

They will make them feel less than or depersonalized by priming or grooming them into believing that they deserve to be abused, or should accept that they are serving the needs of the abuser by allowing the abuse. In addition to the categories of abuse, there are also different types of abusers: Among the sexual forms of abuse are exhibitionism, where the individual has fantasies, urges or actual behaviors that cause him or her to expose themselves to unsuspecting strangers; frotteurism, which is a behavior consisting of rubbing up against or touching a person who does not consent; pedophilia, having sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors with children, usually younger than thirteen.

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