Abraham Lincoln: Civil War President (Famous Figures of the by John F. Grabowski

By John F. Grabowski

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He said he needed more time, more men, and more supplies. By early 1862, the war took up all of Abe’s waking moments. In February, another great tragedy added to his sadness. His 11-year-old son, Willie, fell ill with a fever. Willie’s condition worsened, and he died on February 20. Abe and his wife were crushed. Mary never completely recovered from this loss of their second dead son. During this time, the pace of the war was increasing. Abe decided to take a more active role in controlling the day-to-day conduct of the war.

His reputation grew, and An Elected Representative of the People he became one of the most respected lawyers in all of Illinois. The end of the Mexican War had brought up the issue of slavery once again. Would the new territories acquired from Mexico enter the Union as slave or free states? Many farmers in the slave states needed the free labor to take care of their crops, especially cotton. Cotton was not a very profitable crop. It required too much time to separate the cotton fibers from the seeds by hand.

He suspended the right of habeas corpus, which protects citizens from arrest without being told the reasons. Thousands of people were jailed as traitors this way, without going to trial. Abe felt these measures were necessary to preserve the Union. His opponents thought he was The War Between the North and the South 49 General Ulysses S. Grant (front row, without a hat) leads his generals in battle. After several Civil War victories, Grant became a war hero in the North. He later became president of the United States.

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