A school course in vectors by R.I. Porter

By R.I. Porter

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4 11 10 22 Saxon Math 6/5 Jamal exchanged the ten $1 bills for one $10 bill. That gave Jamal twelve $10 bills. Then he exchanged ten $10 bills for one $100 bill. That gave Jamal five $100 bills and two $10 bills. 5 2 This exchange of bills shows that Jamal had $520 after Maria paid him for rent. Now we will show a pencil-and-paper solution that uses the addition algorithm. When using this addition algorithm, we are careful to line up digits that have the same place value. Jamal had $462. Maria paid Jamal $58.

375 + 125 b. 5000 – 3000 f. 540 – 140 e. 350 – 300 h. 10 – 3 + 7 + 10 Problem Solving: Find three different letters that can be arranged to spell at least two different words. Can you think of three different letters that can be arranged to spell three different words? NEW CONCEPT In action stories a heroic character often risks danger to rescue someone who is in trouble. The details and characters of the stories might differ, but the underlying idea, the plot, is the same. Although we consider many stories in mathematics, there are only a few kinds of stories.

20 + 30 – 5 c. 75 + 75 b. 1000 – 500 f. 380 – 180 e. 460 – 400 h. 16 – 8 + 4 – 2 + 1 Problem Solving: Lance, Molly, and José lined up side by side for a picture. Then they changed their order. Then they changed their order again. List all the possible side-by-side arrangements Lance, Molly, and José could make. NEW CONCEPTS Lines In mathematics we study numbers. We also study shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. The study of shapes is called geometry. The simplest figures in geometry are the point and the line.

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