21st Century Islamic State by Meinhaj Hussain

By Meinhaj Hussain

This e-book represents a piece within the highbrow foundation of an Islamic country at the present time. contains rules on a political and financial types in addition to discussions on an army approach for the sort of nation. The booklet additionally discusses the easiest position for one of these kingdom this day and operational info together with how most sensible to result in this sort of nation and her common overseas coverage. The publication is a creation of GrandeStrategy.com, a Muslim/Islamic imagine tank.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Only traditions with the highest standards should be considered. Traditions with the slightest opening for legitimate criticism should be excluded. (This is only for constructing the Shariah code and not for the purpose of ijtehad where Traditions that are probably right should of course continue to be used). 5) Careful consideration should be taken to ensure that ordinances made that were time-bound in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are sifted from those which have universal validity.

Surely there is a miracle in the fact that a country perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy and without serious long-term planning has managed to do what far more resource-rich Muslim countries have failed. Clearly there is the hand of Allah in this. And in this is perhaps a sign, but Allah knows best. For now, it suffices that we arrive at the conclusion that we need to establish an Islamic Movement / State, and that the best location for this is Pakistan, or inclusive of Pakistan. Yet, now we encounter a minefield of problems in our immediate era: 1.

Analogies) between one thing and another, or declaring that God has ordained such-and-such a thing for such-and-such a reason – the answer is this: ‗All that God and His Apostle have mentioned by way of comparison or cause, is truth absolute, and none may go against it: but this, precisely, is the nass on which we rely! But all your attempts at imitating Him in matters of religious legislation and at ascribing ―causes‖ (to Shariah ordinances) beyond what God and His Apostle have made manifest by means of nass: All this is utterly wrong – a way which God has not permitted us to go….

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