1000 Facts on Modern History by John Farndon

By John Farndon

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Columbus thought he was in the Indies (hence the 'West Indies'). He called the native peoples Indians. • Columbus left 40 men on a large island that he called Hispaniola and went back to Spain a hero. • In 1493 and 1498, he set off on two more trips with large fleets, as Viceroy of the Indies. He set up a colony on Hispaniola, but i't was a disaster. Spaniards complained of his harsh rule and many Indians died from cruelty and disease. Columbus went back to Spain in chains. • Columbus was pardoned, and began a fOLirth voyage in 1502.

From the BOOs) many serfs gained freedom and became prosperous 'yeoman' farmers. They needed merchants to sell their produce. • After the Crusades) silks, spices and riches from the east were traded in the Mediterranean for cloth, hides and iron. In northern Europe, the wool trade thrived. • Trading towns began to grow across western Europe in the 1300s and 1400s - Antwerp, Flanders, Bruges, Bristol, Norwich, York, Florence, Venice, Milan and many others. • Trading towns grew powerful. In England, many became boroughs with charters giving them some self-rule.

When Cortes left Tenochtitlan six months later, the Aztecs rebelled. Cortes returned and destroyed the city. • Pizarro set off to find the Incas in 1524. • Pizarro reached Peru when the Incas were hardly over a civil war between the Inca Atahualpa and his brother. • The Incas, terrified of Pizarro's horses and guns, were easily slaughtered. Pizarro took Cuzco in 1533. vellturer allr! boullty-hulI/er, ill-slllted /0 /he job of rulll1g. Ollce /he cOllquls/adors Iwr! defen/er! loml peoples, Spall Ish adlllillistrators IIIOl'er!

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